Irish Celtic Pagan Goddess Danú  Necklace with Irish Bog Oak and Gemstones.

A beautiful celtic Pagan Necklace honoring Goddess Danú, the Celtic Goddess of Nature, known as The Mother Earth Goddess. With Irish Bog oak, gemstones and silver goddess charm on an adjustable brown waxed cord. A silver acorn, leaf and moon representing Mother Earth with Chinese Jade stones and a green Chrysoprase stone. Jade has a soothing energy to help reduce negativity and promote balance while the green  colours enhance good luck and prosperity. Four small African Jasper stones for development and growth  complete this special  piece. 

Did you know that Bog oak is between 3000 and 8000 years old! It is black and hard and has been preserved in the earth for centuries. You could say it is natures Black Magic!

Irish Celtic Goddess Danú Necklace with Irish Bog oak and Gemstones

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