Lovely Turquoise and Copper Tree of Life Earrings
These lovely earrings have a turquoise gem stone bead. copper bead and African turquoise jasper beads.
The Tree of Life or Crann Bethadh was revered by the ancient Celts. Trees were thought of as the doorways and living connections to the Gods, Spirits and Ancestors.The branches reached up to the Gods, the trunk and roots grounded in the earth connected humanity with spirits below and Mother Earth. The tree of Life represents grounding, healing, hope, knowledge and truth to the wearer.Amethyst is a stone of spiritual protection and purification, cleansing ones energy field of negative influences.
Turquoise is a stone of well being and contains protective properties that helps to ward off negative energy.
Length 4 cms 
These lovelies come with a rustic jute bag to keep them safe and sound!

Lovely Turquoise and Copper Tree of Life Earrings