Irish Oak Birthwood Charm Necklace June 10th - July 7th

Celtic Tree Birthwood is derived from the Celtic Tree Calendar and is connected to the ancient Ogham script, the thirteen Luna cycles and their association with trees that the Druids held sacred.

This earthy Irish oak birthwood necklace has pretty green Chinese Jade beads and silver charms, with a Celtic triskele which is a motif consisting of a triple spiral exhibiting rotational symmetry symbolising movement, action and progress.

The mighty oak is a Druid sacred tree and is often known as the King of Trees which provides the energies of strength, protection and stability. A little acorn, from which the oak grows was often worn as an amulet representing long life and good luck.

Jade is a special stone that is believed to promote wisdom, balance, and peace.

This beauty comes with a rustic jute bag to keep it safe and sound!

Irish Oak Birthwood Charm Necklace June 10th - July 7th

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