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Express yourself through our beautiful natural wood jewellery

Choose your special Moonwood piece of Jewellery here for beauty, meaning and as a special gift to someone you love.

The Wellbeing Collection provides you with jewellery that is suitable for many occasions such as

New beginnings, Love and Commitment, Anniversaries, Birthdays, Friendship and Graduations.

To mark a special birthday, see what wood represents your birthday and choose a unique, custom handmade piece of jewellery from our Birthwood Collection.

We offer a free personalised card for gifting too!


Wellbeing Collection

The power of ancient Irish wisdom lets us share concepts such as protection, love, courage, self assurance, spirituality and special meanings to mark significant experiences or serve as an expression of who we are, tell our story or mark a milestone in our life journey.

These meaningful jewellery collections remind us of the importance of our wellbeing and that of others. All pieces carry a message and a meaning card with a jute bag for special keeping and beautiful gift wrapping.


Birthwood Collection 

Celtic Tree Birthwood is derived from the Celtic Tree Calendar and is connected to the ancient Ogham script, the thirteen Luna cycles and their association with the trees that the Celtic Druids held sacred. Find your birth date and Birthwood or that of a loved one below.

Birthwood collection

Goddess Collection

Find your sensuous inner Goddess with one of these gorgeous Celtic inspired bohemian necklaces!

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