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My first blog post!

Well hello, this is the first time I have ever written a blog so bear with me as I will probably prattle on about all sorts ! I guess the first thing to do is introduce myself and also tell you a bit about how I came to doing what I'm doing now!

So a brief history of my life to date! I was born in Surrey, England and gained a Bachelor of Education degree at Kingston School of Teacher Education. I met my Irish husband in America, where we were both working, spent a few years living in England and then moved to Ireland in 1990 with our young family.After moving to Waterford, I opened a Preschool which I found was a great way to use my creativity and imagination. I have always loved arts and crafts so working with children gave me a great excuse to indulge my passion!!I then moved on to become a Director of a local childcare facility where I stayed for 10 years. During this time, I also found time to pursue my long time interest in Alternative Therapies. I gained qualifications in Aromatherapy and Holistic Massage and my interest in natural healing expanded into exploring Ancient beliefs and healing methods. I discovered that the Ancients had various uses for trees including alchemy, rituals and medicinal purposes. Each tree had its own unique energy and quality and I loved the way that nature and Mother Earth was so prevalent in the lives of our ancient ancestors. The idea for Moonwood started to grow as the wisdoms of old fused with the nature around us today. Since my husband is a carpenter and woodwork tutor, I had access to a wide range of woodworking tools and machinery as well as tutorials! He very bravely let me practice on his beloved saws and other equipment! Luckily I managed to keep all my fingers!! I created a concept in jewellery and other products, which combined several types of native Irish timbers with ancient tree wisdom.A chance remark by a friend led me to undertake a business course with the Arts Academy in Waterford. This has enabled me to turn, what started as a hobby into a business., which I am at the beginnings of now! I hope you will join me in my journey with all the expected ups and downs!!

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