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Irish Elder Charm Necklace for Protection

Irish Elder Charm Necklace for Protection


Pretty Irish elder necklace with turquoise and chrysocolla gemstones. This necklace has bronze charms and comes on a bronze chain.

Elder has the energy and essence of creativity and protection.

A Druid sacred tree, the Elder is known in Ireland as the Queen of Trees or Elder Tree Mother, with a wise energy and abundant magical gifts. As the tree can rapidly grow from any point, it speaks to us of regeneration and of the power of the Life Force. A symbol of life energy and creativity, used for protection against evil and for blessings.

This pretty necklace comes with a jute bag and a meaning card along with beautuful gift wrapping. If this a gift we can add a lovely card with a personal note from you free of charge. Just add a note at checkout or send us a message through Chat!

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