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Unique and Special Gifts

Something different for yourself or a loved one with their own energies and special uses! All our pieces include natural woods or other materials found in nature to give powers and energies. We offer a free personalised card for gifting too! Don't forget to check out all out other meaningful jewellery that can make amazing gifts!

Magic Energy Balls

A favourite ornament with a magical story. Magical energy balls, also known as faerie balls and yule balls have a long and rich history, traditionally hung in the home as a blessing for protection, they bring a touch of magic into your home.According to Irish folk tales, they protect the home from negative energy and embrace positive energy when hung inside in windows or porches. They also make a beautiful display hung in a cluster at Christmas time.


A talisman is an object that is thought to have magical powers and to bring good luck.

These handmade talismans are made with fabulous feathers and Irish hawthorn wood which was used for protection and can be hung in the home, car, boat or anywhere at all!!

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