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So we make jewellery using sixteen different native Irish woods! A mean feat in itself! On top of that, all the woods have their own story to tell you...read on to find out more.....

Tree spirit

Moonwood Celtic Tree Wisdom

What is Celtic Tree Wisdom?

Druids were the leaders of the Celts who oversaw laws, science, philosophy and astrology.

The Druids were great observers of the natural world around them, who worshipped and revered all nature especially that of the trees, which were held sacred and considered to hold great knowledge.








The sacred trees marked places of significance and important rituals.

Sacred trees were thought to be filled with the essence and energy of the Elementals and Mother Earth. They had medicinal and magical properties. They were thought to contain spirits with unique personalities and characteristics.

The lore which surrounded a particular tree or wood reflected the power and energies drawn from their presence.

So all of our wooden products not only look great, but they also have special qualities and energies.

Very magical indeed!

You can find out more about the trees and their special energies and characteristics on our Blog page.

Mission Statement

We provide unique , creative Irish handmade jewellery that celebrate the beauty of our nature while connecting us to the essence of our ancient past. Our vision is to remind people of the spiritual connection we all have to the natural world. So through lovingly created pieces, our history and distinctive culture is spread and touched by all who wear them

Irish bog oak necklace with silver leaf and celtic charm

Photo Shoot in Faithlegg House Hotel