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Mood Enhancing Quartz Crystal and Lava Bead Necklace

Mood Enhancing Quartz Crystal and Lava Bead Necklace


Hawthorn Wood for Love and Protection.

This unusual and stunning necklace is very different, not only visually but also with its ability to help with stress and anxiety!

This unique necklace can be used with essential oils to enhance your mood, with the added benefit of a  quartz crystal which is known as the master healer. Quartz is excellent for balancing the body and mind, amplifying energy both physically and mentally and strengthening your psychic and emotional resilience.

The necklace also has a beautiful piece of Hawthorn wood which has the properties and energies of protection and promotes love. A drop of essential oil can be added to the lava beads, as they are naturally porous. The porous nature of the stones makes them perfect diffusers for whatever essential oil you prefer to use. As a qualified aromatherapist I am able to suggest some oils that you may use, which you can find at the bottom of this page.

The effects lava stones have on the root chakra are similar to the grounding effects they can provide in general. These grounding effects can bring stability to the lava stone wearer’s life and can reduce their feelings of anxiety. It is thought this stability is due to the strong connection to the earth the lava stones possess.

Many lava stone wearers use lemon and lavender essential oils. These oils can help with stress, anxiety and low levels of energy. Lemon is an uplifting essential oil that can provide energizing and positive healing properties. Lavender, on the other hand, is a more relaxing essential oil for its ability to relieve stress, provide relaxation and help with falling asleep. Just put a drop of essential oil onto a couple of the lava stones before you put the necklace on. Be careful as some oils come out very quickly.

On top of this it is also very soothing to rub the crystal and the wood!


Recommended for stress and anxiety:


Lavender, Melissa, Palmarosa        

Benzoin, Neroli, Rose

Bergamot, Vetiver                                    

Jasmine, Ylang Ylang

Juniper, Chamomile

Mandarin, Frankincense















If you have any questions about essential oils or anything else please use the note form at checkout or send me a message through chat.

This gorgeous necklace comes in a jute bag with a meaning card and beautiful gift wrapping. If this a gift we can add a lovely card with a personal note from you free of charge. Just add a note at checkout or send us a message through Chat!






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